Temkin Group Announces The Results Companies as Finalist for 2014 Customer Experience Excellence Award

Brian Fallers

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, November 13, 2014 – The Results Companies, one of the world’s leading customer experience providers, was recently named a finalist for the Temkin 2014 Customer Experience Excellence Award. Temkin Group, a market research and consulting firm that helps organizations improve their customer experience, instituted this award program to recognize companies demonstrating an exemplary commitment to improving customer experience in visibly sustainable ways.

“We are thrilled to be a finalist for this great award. As a customer experience provider for some of world’s most customer-centric brands, the recognition is simply another tribute to our great employees and the Partners we support on a daily basis.” stated Alec Brecker, President and CEO of The Results Companies. “This honor as well as our 2014 Best Voice Excellence Company of Year is a testament to the rapid growth we’ve experienced as a direct result of our focus on excellence in every aspect of our business model.”

Temkin Group's Customer Experience Vendor Excellence Award is open to all types of product and service providers that help companies improve their customer experience. Organizations submitted nominations for the CxE Awards during October and November 2014 that were evaluated based on three criteria: customer experience transformation efforts, business and customer results, and sustainability. The awards were judged by six noted customer experience experts: Ginger Conlon (Editor-in-chief of Direct Marketing News), Shep Hyken (Author and Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations), Ingrid Lindberg (Customer Experience Officer of Prime Therapeutics), Aimee Lucas (CX Transformist & Vice President of Temkin Group), Bruce Temkin (CX Transformist & Managing Partner of Temkin Group), and Bob Thompson (CEO and Editor-in-Chief of CustomerThink). The panel reviewed the nominations submitted by 24 companies, which included direct feedback from at least three clients and a review of product information, case studies, future direction and client references.

The judges were impressed by the high quality of the submissions. "The companies that stood out to me as CX leaders have a dedicated team, a clear link to business objectives and performance metrics, and customer experience initiatives that extend well beyond the customer service team," stated Ginger Colon. Shep Hyken added, "When you look at the organizations that are finalists, how can there really be a winner and loser? At this level, everyone is playing at the top of their game – and their customers appreciate it!"

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November 13,2014