The Results Companies LLC Completes PCI DSS v2.0 Security Assessment

Brian Fallers

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, November 26, 2013 – The Results Companies LLC (The Results Companies), a leading global provider of a full range of customer experience management services through Call Center Agents (Agents) via phone, email, web-chat and social media to a client base focused on Fortune 500 consumer brands, announced today that it has completed a security assessment in accordance with PCI DSS v2.0. The assessment was performed by 360 Advanced, P.A., a PCI QSA certified firm that specializes in integrated compliance solutions, including conducting PCI Security Assessments. PCI DSS v2.0, developed by the PCI Security Council, is the most widely recognized authoritative governing body that provides service organizations a uniform method for independently assessing companies that process, transmit, and store credit cardholder information. Companies who complete an annual PCI Security Assessment are able to demonstrate compliance with the PCI DSS v2.0 security standard.

The completion of the PCI DSS v2.0 Security Assessment typifies The Results Companies’ continued commitment to create and maintain the most stringent controls needed to ensure the highest quality and security over customer data.

Kevin Morrison, The Results Companies’ Director of Global Security and Compliance, commented, “Compliance is simply a by-product of a defense-in-depth approach, implementing appropriate controls to protect The Results Companies’ brand and that of its Partners. In addition to the technical controls and processes, this latest assessment and report is the result of employees’ effort to ensure that security practices are an integral part of The Results Companies culture.”

The Report on Compliance includes a detailed description of The Results Companies’ controls and an independent assessment of whether the controls are placed in operation and suitably designed to satisfy each requirement. To receive a copy of the Report on Compliance, or for any further questions, please contact Geri Green.

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November 26,2013